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Adding Subsections to Notes

If you have added a Profile and want to add an additional subsection while documenting in the SOAP note, you can now add on-the-fly subsections from the SOAP note page.

  1. From the Patient Records Page, click the Menu [...] button and select Add Content.
  2. The Content Drawer will open on the right side of the page.
  3. Eval/Note Profile field: Use the search bar and the drop-down menu to add Profiles to the note. You can add multiple company and WebPT Profiles by selecting the checkbox(es). Click here to learn more about Profiles.
  4. Search Content field: Enter key terms or phrases to add additional subsections to the note. The search displays all subsections containing the key term. Select the checkbox(es) to add the desired subsections. Note: Subsections cannot be removed once they have been added.
  5. After you have made your additions, click Apply to add the Profile(s)and subsections to the note. An alert at the bottom of the page will confirm your recent selections.
  6. Any newly added subsections will carry forward to subsequent notes after a note has been signed.

Remember, subsections cannot be removed once they have been added.

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