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Search for Template/Profile Fields

Create Templates and Profiles faster with content search during configuration. Use the Edit Content option to search for keywords in order to add or remove subsections and fields, saving you time while creating Templates and Profiles. 

  1. From the EMR Dashboard, navigate to the company drop-down menu and select SOAP Templates.
  2. Hover over the Template or Profile you want to edit and select the Edit icon. For this example, let's edit a Company Template.
  3. From the Template Builder, select the Menu icon [...] in the right-hand corner and click Edit Content.
  4. The Content Drawer will open, allowing you to search for the subsections you want to add or remove to the Template.
  5. Enter keywords in the Search Content field. The results display all subsections and fields that contain the keyword, shown in bold print.
  6. In the Content Drawer, use the checkboxes to add or remove the subsections from the Template. Once a subsection is added, the Template will automatically navigate to the corresponding section of the note.
  7. After making selections in the Content Drawer, continue to customize fields from the Template on the left side of the screen.
  8. Profile Configuration: In this example, we have used the Content Drawer in the Profile Builder to add the Passive Joint Mobility | Shoulder subsection. When editing Profiles, all fields that say "Add profile text here..." can be customized with profile text. To learn more about advanced profile options, click here.
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