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Create a New Case for a Discharged Patient

When a discharged patient returns to therapy, we always recommend creating a new case for the patient, regardless of how long it's been since they were last seen.

  • Creating a new case ensures all patient data will be accessible during documentation.
  • Each case is designed to document one Initial Evaluation and one Discharge. If you were to Reopen a case for a discharged patient, you would lose the option to discharge the patient again. To learn more about the appropriate times to discharge a patient, click here

Reopening a Case

The Reopen Case feature is only meant to be used in the off-chance a daily note or addendum was missed at some point during the patient's treatment. To learn more about reopening a case for a discharged patient, click here.

Additionally, the Reopen Case feature puts the existing discharge in the Pending status, causing further logic and billing issues.

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