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Tips for the Ideal Template/Profile Setup

Customizing WebPT Templates and Profiles allows you to design SOAP notes to fit the needs of your organization. In order to create the most efficient Templates and Profiles, it is important to make sure all of your desired fields and subsections are carrying forward to subsequent notes.

Remember, Templates provide the framework for each note type and discipline, while Profiles are applied to individual notes and add additional documentation fields tailored to the patient’s treatment plan. With regard to our recent update to Templates, we have outlined some tips to ensure your documentation fields carry forward from note to note.

Subsections carry forward into the next note as long as that subsection is included in the next note’s Template. For example, if the subsection appears on an Initial Evaluation and Progress Note, but not a Daily Note, then that subsection will not carry forward to the Daily Note. 

Additionally, any subsections added during SOAP documentation will not carry forward if the following note does not include that subsection in the template. We recommend applying a Profile to ensure additional subsections carry forward to subsequent notes. To learn more about creating Profiles, click here.

Helpful Tips

Before documentation:

  • Customize your Templates so that subsections that appear on the Initial Evaluation Template are also included in the Progress Note Template. To learn more about creating Templates, click here.

  • Use an existing Template to copy the fields and subsections from one note/discipline type to a new Template. To learn more about copying Templates, click here.
  • If there are subsections and fields that you want to see on every Initial Evaluation, add them to the Template. To learn more about adding content to Templates, click here.
  • If there are subsections that you want to see on some Initial Evaluations, consider creating a Profile that contains the desired subsections. Then add the Profile to the Initial Evaluation. The subsections in that Profile will carry forward correctly to subsequent notes.
    • Select the Evals radio button if you want the Profile's subsections to carry over to evaluative note types only (Initial Evaluation, Progress Note, Discharge Summary)
    • Select the All radio button if you want the Profile's subsections to carry over all note types (Initial Evaluation, Progress Note, Daily Note, Case Note)
  • If you want each note to contain specific profile text, enter the text in the desired "Add Profile text here..." subsection when building the Profile.
    Then, add the profile to the note to make the profile text populate in the appropriate section. Within the SOAP note, you can select the profile text to make additional edits or comments.

    During documentation:
  • If you want to add subsections to an open note, select the Menu [...] button and click Add Content.
    Apply a specific Profile from the Content Drawer, then complete the section manually.

After documentation:

  • If a signed note is missing sections and needs to be no-charged and replaced, navigate to the Patient Profile and click the Date of Service.
  • Select the Menu [...] icon and click Addend
  • Next, select the Do Not Bill checkbox to no-charge the visit. Then create a new case to recreate that note.
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