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Missing Discharges Report

The Missing Discharges report shows all of the patients that have not yet had a discharge outcome score entered into the system. Patients without discharge surveys will have an incomplete record of care, and will not appear in your Company Reports. This report allows you to identify these patients and determine if a quick discharge needs to be completed for the patient to convert their Follow-up (Progress Note) survey score to a Discharge survey score. This will satisfy the completion of care requirements for Company Reports. 

In this article, we’ll cover

  1. Locate and Run the Report
  2. Missing Discharges Field Descriptions 

Locate and Run the Report

Only a Company Admin can access Outcomes Reports. 

  1. In the Reports toolbar, select Outcome Reports
  2. In the Patient Reports category, select Missing Discharges
  3. To run the report, you will select the date range you’d like to report. This report can be sorted by the Visit Date (this is the date of the appointment) or the Entered Date (OMT has been completed by the patient and connected to a finalized evaluative note). 
  4. You can further filter the report to show specific therapists, locations, physician, payer class, litigation, direct access, work status, and/or employer. 
  5. Once you’ve selected the report parameters click Run Report at the top of the screen. 
  6. Your report opens in a new window as a PDF file. Make sure to enable pop-ups in your browser settings for http://app.webpt.com

Missing Discharges Field Descriptions 

Use this report to pinpoint which cases are missing a discharge OMT and therefore are not in your Company Reports. 

  • Patient ID: The 6-digit number assigned to the patient by the WebPT EMR.
  • Case: The 7-digit number assigned by the WebPT EMR.
  • Patient Name: Last name, first name.  
  • Entry Date: The date the OMT was staged (OMT has been completed by the patient but has not been connected to an evaluative note) or entered (OMT has been completed by the patient and is connected to a finalized evaluative note).
  • Initial Visit Date: Initial examination date.
  • Last Follow-Up: The date of the most recent OMT.
  • Questionnaire: The short name/acronym of the OMT.
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