Batch Enrollments (WebPT University)

You can batch enroll a group of users into a course (or courses) using the WebPT University Store. 

Using Email Address

Our recommended method requires you to include an active email address for each user enrolled.

  1. Log into the WebPT University. If you don’t have an account, click here to create one. 
  2. Open the WebPT University Store:
  3. Locate the course you’d like to enroll the users in and click Add.
  4. From the pop-up in the top-right corner, choose the Click Here link. You can also access the Bulk Purchase option from the Shopping Cart.
  5. From the Bulk Purchase page, complete the following fields:
    1. Number of Users: Enter the total number of users you want to enroll in the course
    2. Including Yourself: Are you also enrolling yourself in the course? Yes/No
    3. Do you have their names and email addresses? This allows you to enter the email addresses to automatically send a portal invite.
  6. Once you’ve finished adding the users, click Next Step: Checkout.
  7. Users will be automatically emailed an invitation to the WebPT University if they do not have an account. If they do have an account, the course will be automatically added to their dashboard.
  8. Once they click on their invite link and create a password, they will be automatically enrolled in the course or courses you’ve chosen.