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What is a visit in Analytics?

Understanding what constitutes a patient visit in Analytics is one of the more confusing concepts because there are two separate sources for visit data. The two data sources that provide information about visits are: the WebPT Scheduler and Patient Notes. Because these two sources have different definitions of what a visit is, it is generally expected for the visit counts from these two sources to be different in Analytics Reporting.

What is a visit?

  • Scheduler: When data is pulled from the Scheduler, a visit is any scheduled patient appointment, including those marked as a cancellation or no-show. Deleted appointments are not included.
  • Patient Notes: When data is pulled from the patient notes, a visit is a finalized SOAP note with billable units.

Because of the differences in definition, who is responsible for entering and maintaining the data (front office versus therapist), and the different processes for creating a “visit,” it makes sense that these numbers wouldn’t necessarily equal each other. This is why it’s important to recognize where the data is sourced from, and this knowledge will help you better understand any differences in counts.

Where should I expect to see Scheduler data?

Scheduler data is found in the Cancel/No Show KPI* chart, the related By Clinic and By Therapist comparison charts, and the Scheduled Visits analysis grid. In these instances, a visit is a scheduled patient appointment.

Where would I expect to see Patient Note data?

Note data is found when talking about all other five KPI* metrics, which are: Referral Conversion Rate, Initial Evaluations, Visits, Visits per Discharge, and Units per Visit. This also includes the related By Clinic and By Therapist comparison charts. In general, visit counts in the Reports section of Analytics are derived from finalized SOAP notes with billable units, except where noted above (Scheduled Visits).

*There are six productivity-focused key performance indicators (KPI) that make up the main dashboard. Click here to learn more.

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