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Charts: By Clinic

The  By Clinic comparison charts allow you to visualize the productivity KPI data segmented by the clinic. This allows you to quickly review how each clinic is performing, and identify underperformers early. All six KPI metrics are available for exploration.

Data tip: If you notice an unexpected change in a KPI, click on the corresponding chart link to check out the clinic comparison. From here, you’ll be able to determine if this is a general trend (all clinics responded similarly for the month) or if there were a few clinics (or a single clinic) responsible for the shift.

Clinic Comparisons

  1. You can access clinic comparison charts from the Charts section of Analytics or by selecting a KPI dashboard tile to be navigated to a specific KPI.
  2. To adjust which clinics are included in the chart, click the (…) menu in the header bar.
    1. In the pop-up window, uncheck the boxes next to the clinics you do not want to include, then click Apply.
  3. A simple navigation drop-down allows you to easily switch between the available KPI views once inside the By Clinic comparison charts.
  4. Adjust the date range to view data for a specific time period. You can also use the Export button to download as an Excel, CSV, or PDF.
  5. The average line allows you to quickly identify how your clinics are performing. Please note that the average line is the average of your total values, not the average of the clinic values, and rounds up to the nearest decimal point.
  6. Clicking on the Select Data View Show/Hide Table Data buttons reveals a table containing the root data for the calculations, which shows how Analytics derives the KPI for each clinic and the totals for the Average line calculation as well.

Clinic Comparison Chart Example

If the chart shows  Referral Conversion Rate, clicking Show Table Data reveals a data table for the selected time period.

This table displays:

  • Total Referrals: the total number of referrals for the selected time frame which is derived from the number of new cases created
  • Converted Referrals: the total number of those new cases that have a finalized Initial Evaluation note
  • Conversion Rate: Converted Referrals/Total Referrals x 100
  • Average Line: The sum of the Converted Referrals for all clinics/Total Referrals for all clinics x 100

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