Referrals by Clinic

Referrals by Clinic is a Data Table style report which helps compare referrals and the conversion rate to a previous time frame and includes SOAP 1.0 and 2.0 data. Quickly view data by Referral Source, Referral Contact, or Clinic. You can add additional filters to narrow the scope of the report, such as Referral Type, Insurance Type, Insurance name, and Diagnosis.


You can locate this report in the  Referrals section of Reports in Analytics. If you do not see the report listed in this section, ensure that you have the correct Analytics Access permission.

  1. You can filter which clinics appear in the report using the View Clinics by: drop-down menu and corresponding (…) button.
  2. Set the Date Range and the Compare To range.
  3. Use the View Data By drop-down to view the data by Referral SourceReferral Contact (the name of the referring physician or marketing referral source), or by Clinic.
  4. You have the option of filtering the report by Referral Type, Insurance Type, Insurance, and Diagnosis code using the multi-select drop-down menus. Be sure to click Apply when you’ve completed selecting filters.
  5. The total percent of all visits field should equal 100%.

Tip: If you see a clinic titled  (unassigned) when viewing the data by Clinic, this indicates that the Primary Treatment Clinic was not entered when the patient case was created and the referral has not converted.

Want to avoid  (unassigned) data points? Select, On to require the collection of the Primary Treatment Clinic when the case is created in your clinic settings.

Column Field Descriptions

Field Name Definition Source
Referral Source The referral source type (includes both physician and non-physician referral types). Referral Type drop-down in the Add/Edit Physician or Contact window
Referral Contact The name of the referral source (includes both physician and non-physician referral types). The First Name field in the Add/Edit Contact Window, or the First and Last Name entered in the Add/Edit Physician window
Clinic The clinic where the Initial Evaluation or Orthosis Fabrication note was finalized. If there is no finalized IE or OF note in the patient's case, this field will be unassigned. Patient Notes
Total Referrals The total number of patient cases attributed to a referral source. Referring Physician drop-down or the Marketing Referral Contact drop-down in the Add/Edit Case window
Compared to Previous Period The percent change in total referrals between the selected date range and the comparison date range. Patient Cases
Converted Referrals The number of referred patient cases for which an Initial Evaluation or Orthosis Fabrication note has been finalized. Patient Notes
Conversion Rate The percentage of new cases created that have finalized Initial Evaluation or Orthosis Fabrication notes.
Days Seen After Referral (Avg) The average number of days it takes to finalize an Initial Evaluation for a referral.
Visits The clinic's total number of finalized notes. This excludes no-charge visits and Quick Discharge note types. Patient Notes
% of All Visits The percentage of total visits for all clinics attributed to a particular referral source. Calculated Value