Account and Device Setup

Easily accept credit card payments directly from the scheduler or the patient’s chart with a fully integrated processing solution. You'll have the ability to run a credit card when you check a patient in—or at any point—providing a hassle-free workflow and more time to treat patients. WebPT has partnered with Worldpay from FIS—an industry leader for payment processing—to offer this service. You must be credentialed with Worldpay from FIS before you can use this solution.


  • Fully integrated with the scheduler and patient chart
  • Patient payments flow directly into integrated billing solutions such as Therabill, saving you time on reconciling payments

Account Setup Process

Because this is an integrated solution, you must sign up with Worldpay from FIS and be approved before you can begin using the integrated credit card processing capability in the EMR.  This chart shows the process and who is responsible at each stage.

Computer Setup

Some anti-virus software cause issues with the ability of the EMR to read the input of the swiper. We recommend adding the following URLs to your anti-virus program.



If you do not, you’ll receive an intermittent Unable to read input. Waiting for Retry error when trying to process transactions.

ID Tech SREDKey Device Information and Setup

The device you’ll be using is the ID Tech SREDkey device. This device is an encrypted keypad with an encrypted MagStripe card reader and is connected to your computer via USB cable. 


Setup is as simple as plugging the USB cable into the computer’s USB port. The device will automatically install the necessary drivers in less than a minute. The screen on the device will read “Swipe Card or Key-in Card Number” when it’s ready to go.  


When manually keying in card information, there are six available configurations detailed in your QuickStart Manual that you received with your device. These configurations determine how much information is required to be input for the device to process the credit card.

We recommend using Configuration #4. This requires the entry of the Card Number, Expiration Date, Security Code, and Zip Code.

Use the following steps to change the configuration.

  1. Press the #Admin key.
  2. Press the number corresponding to the configuration you want to use. Following the recommendation, we’ll select 4.
  3. Press the Enter key to complete the configuration.

Key Functions

We’ll quickly define the functions of each of the major keys. This information is also included in your QuickStart Manual.

Button Function
Clear Pressing the Clear key allows users to remove all entered data at the current input level. The current transaction would not be canceled.
Cancel Pressing the Cancel key once allows users to remove all input in the current as well as the previous level. The device then goes back to the previous prompt of the current transaction. If the “Cancel” key is pressed twice, the current transaction would be canceled and the device goes back to the initial mode.
BS Pressing the BS (backspace) key allows users to remove the entered data one character at a time.
#Admin Pressing the #Admin key when the screen displays Swipe or Key-In Card Number or Enter Card Number then press Enter allows the user to enter the Admin Menu. Pressing the #Admin key in other screens puts the device in Help Mode.