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FIS WorldPay Integrated Payments FAQ


Where can I find my WebPT/FIS Worldpay Integration Credentials?

Your WebPT/Worldpay from FIS integration credentials are located in your Clinic Settings. These credentials are how the payments are correctly routed to your bank account. Please note that only users with Clinic Admin permissions can access this information.

  1. Using your clinic drop-down menu, select Clinic Settings.
  2. Locate the WebPT Payments Integration Credentials section.

My integration is on but I'm not ready to process transactions yet. How should I record credit card payments in the EMR? 

If you aren't ready to use the integration yet, but you want to indicate that a card payment (Credit or HSA) occurred, you'll need to use the Debit Card payment method. This will allow you to enter the charge amount, card type, and outside authorization number.

How can I process a payment from an insurance company?

If you receive an insurance payment by virtual card, you will need to process those payments through your iQ portal. Insurance payments cannot be processed in the EMR.

Where can I find training on my iQ Merchant Portal?

Check out the FIS Merchant Solutions IQ Support page.

When will the payments I’ve collected arrive in my bank account?

Typically the payments you’ve collected will arrive in your account within 1-2 business days. There is a premium model for an additional fee that ensures payments reach your account by the next business day.

I don’t see the Collect Payment button when I select credit card in the Collect Payments window.

This an indicator that your integration is not turned on. You will need to ensure that you’ve received your welcome letter from Worldpay from FIS and your notification that the integration has been turned on from WebPT. You can expect your integration to be turned on within three business days of receiving your welcome letter from Worldpay.

Do I need to inform patients that their card information is being stored?

Absolutely. You should not save a card on file without direct written consent from the patient or guarantor. A sample document can be found here: Sample_Patient_CC_Authorization.docx. Download and edit the document to fit your practice’s policies and procedures.

If I save a card on file for a patient, how secure is it?

When you elect to save a card on file, Worldpay from FIS creates a unique token that is saved within our system along with the last 4 digits of the card number (for identification purposes). The account information associated with the card is only stored with Worldpay from FIS. When a transaction is processed using a saved card, we send the token to the Worldpay from FIS system which then accesses the account details.

How many cards can I save on file?

You have the option to save up to two cards per patient. When you collect a payment, a warning will display if you’ve reached the maximum number of saved cards for that patient. At this point, a card will need to be deleted in order to save a new card.

Can I store a debit card?

Yes. In order to store a debit card, it must be processed using Credit Card as the Payment Method and be branded by a major credit card (i.e. Visa), and the patient must not have reached the two-card maximum. The card reader and system is unable to accept or store debit PINs.

Can I store HSA/FSA Cards?

After you process an HSA/FSA card using the FSA Card method, the option to save the card on file will be present if the patient has not already reached the two-card maximum.

How do I delete a saved card?

From the payment processing window, select the trash can icon next to the payment method you’d like to delete.

My patient wants to pre-pay for a few DOS. Can I enter payments for multiple DOS?

Yes. We recommend using the Patient Payments section of the patient’s chart to collect payments for multiple dates of service. Simply adjust the date of service when adding the charge in the collect payment window.

I processed a payment and it’s showing up in my Worldpay from FIS merchant portal, but I can’t find it in the WebPT EMR.

The transaction may have been processed in your Worldpay from FIS iQ merchant portal. Remember, the information entered in your Worldpay from FIS iQ portal will not flow into the EMR.

I collected a payment for the wrong patient, can you move it to the correct patient?

If you collect a payment for the wrong patient chart, we cannot move the payment. You'll need to complete a refund/reversal and then process the payment again on the correct patient record.

I’m receiving a Service Unavailable message. What should I do?

If you’ve encountered the Service Unavailable error message, we recommend processing payments in your Worldpay from FIS Merchant iQ portal or by calling Worldpay from FIS Customer Care at 1-800-846-4472 where they can process the payment for you.

Is payment processing secure?

Absolutely. Your SecureKey™ M130 device encrypts credit card data using the magnetic readers and also encrypts manually entered credit card information. Because all card details are entered through the device, only encrypted data is sent to the EMR.

And you already know that the WebPT EMR uses the strongest levels of encryption. Check out our Data Security Guide for more information.

Is there a reason why I would need to re-apply for Worldpay from FIS credit card processing?

Generally, you would only need to re-apply for your Worldpay from FIS merchant account when significant changes in your business occur.

  • A sale of the business occurs, ownership changes
  • Company structure changes i.e. a partnership becomes an LLC

I have a question about my Worldpay from FIS account. Who do I call?

Please reach out to Worldpay from FIS at 1-800-846-4472. Check out this guide to help you better direct your call.  

For payment processing customer service and technical support, contact Worldpay from FIS Integrated Payments available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Please be prepared with your merchant number, which can be found in your welcome letter.

I’ve been hearing Worldpay from FIS but I see Vantiv as well. What’s going on?

You may see Vantiv, Worldpay, or Worldpay from FIS in some materials, and items such as the iQ Merchant portal.  This is due to outdated branding from various mergers and acquisitions that have occurred however, this does not impact your contract or who you’ve partnered with (Worldpay from FIS).

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