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Refunds and Reversals

Once you've collected a patient payment, you cannot delete it. However, you can issue a refund or reversal. Refunds or reversals can be processed through the WebPT EMR or your iQ Merchant Portal. 

Note: The process for refunds and reversals is the same for Card-Present, Card-Not-Present, and HSA/FSA payments, as the card is not required.

User Permissions

Users who need to complete reversals or refunds must have the Edit/Delete Patient Transactions permission.

What is the difference between a refund and a reversal?

reversal erases the payment like it never happened, but can only occur the same day the payment was taken. Once the reversal has been completed, there will be no record of the original payment or reversal on the patient’s credit card statement.

refund appears as a credit for the original payment amount on the patient’s credit card statement. Refunds typically occur after the reversal window has closed and will appear in the patient’s account within 2-3 business days. 

Important: A refund can only be completed in the WebPT EMR within 45 days of the original payment date

After 45 days, Refunds can only be processed through the iQ portal:

  1. Contact support@webpt.com to remove the payment from the patient's chart.
  2. Contact Worldpay from FIS customer support to assist you with the refund.

Processing a Reversal/Refund

Once a card payment has been processed it can’t be updated, only refunded or reversed. To begin this process, navigate to the patient’s chart.

Remember:  Payments are clinic-specific, so ensure you have chosen the correct clinic location. We cannot move a payment from one clinic to another.

Note: You can only reverse or refund the total transaction amount.

  1. Select Patient Payments.
  2. Click the lock icon for the payment you want to reverse/refund.
  3. Select Reversal or Refund from the drop-down.
    Remember:  Reversals can only be done the same day the payment was processed.

  4. Click the Play to process the reversal/refund. Select Yes in the confirmation window.
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation message that the reversal or refund was successful. And you can send a receipt to the patient by using the Send Email Receipt.
  6. Use the email address(es) associated with the patient’s record, or use the checkbox to type in a different email address.
  7. Click Send to email the receipt.
  8. The refund/reversal will be listed below the original payment.
Remember: If you attempt to complete a reversal for payment after the prescribed time frame, you’ll receive an error message and will need to process a refund.

Payment Log

When a refund/reversal is performed, a corresponding entry is added to the Payment Log.

The default batch time is 4:00 am EST. You can choose your batch time preference during the Worldpay form FIS onboarding process. 

Note: Once the batch occurs, you will no longer be able to process reversals for that day’s transactions, so it is recommended that batches occur well outside of business hours.

Refund/Reversal Receipt Example

The receipt contains two lines: one for the original charge and one for the debit back to the account. This second line will show the Date of Transaction as the day you initiated the refund or reversal.

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