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Duplicate Payments

A Duplicate Payment Message can appear in error when the same credit card is processed for the same dollar amount within the same batch period or within 25 transactions of each other. This functions independently of the payment type or the patient. Please note: this only applies to separate transactions. If two $20 payments were processed in the same transaction, a duplicate error will not appear.

Example #1 - Internet Interruption

We’ve also seen some members experience an interruption in their internet service that negatively impacts their Worldpay from FIS integration. This causes the application to look like it's frozen, prompting Members to refresh the application. Once they navigate back to the patient’s chart, the payment is not listed. When they attempt to rerun the transaction, they receive a Duplicate Payment error. This occurs because the transaction was originally processed, but the payment didn’t appear in the EMR. In this scenario, we always recommend checking the IQ portal first to determine if the payment went through.


If the payment appears in the IQ Portal, we recommend manually adding that payment to WebPT and using the Debit Card option.

Example #2 - Multiple Payments

If a parent brings in their two children for back-to-back appointments and pays a $20 copay for the first child and then attempts to pay a $20 copay for the second child’s appointment using the same credit card, a duplicate error message will appear. The duplicate error cannot be resolved and will result in only one of the transactions being processed, leaving an outstanding $20 balance.


  1. When processing the second payment that is a duplicate, select the Allow Duplicate checkbox.
  2. This disables the system’s duplicate validation, allowing the payment to be processed successfully.   
  3. Select Collect Payments. Enter the card information using your preferred method.
  4. Once the card information has been captured or selected, click Process Transaction.
  5. If the transaction is successful, an approval message will be displayed. If the card isn’t already saved on file, and there aren’t two saved cards, you will also have the ability to save and tokenize the card information.
  6. Save the transaction and provide a receipt, if desired.
  7. If the card was processed on the same patient and the same case, you will see both payments listed.
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