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Transaction Errors

When processing transactions there are a few possible errors that can occur whether you are using the ID Tech SREDKey Device or the Ingenico Lane/3000 payment terminal.


ID Tech SREDKey Device Transaction Errors

Invalid Merch

If you receive an Invalid Merch error message as shown below, this card brand (i.e. American Express, Mastercard, etc.) is not accepted by your clinic. Click Change Card and try a card from a different brand.

Invalid Swipe Data

If you receive an Invalid Swipe Data error message as shown below, you’ll need to click the Change Card and retry the swipe.

Invalid Bal/Settle (Out of Balance)

If you receive an Invalid Bal/Settle (Out of Balance) error, this indicates the card has been denied. Click Change Card to try another card, or cancel the transaction and ask for another form of payment.

Authentication Failed

If you receive an Authentication Failed error message, click Change Card and try again. You may need to try another card.

TransactionSetupID Expired

If you receive a TransactionSetupID expired error, click Cancel Transaction, close the window, and then re-add the charges. If you continue to receive this error, you may need to refresh your browser window.

Transaction timeout has been exceeded

You’ll receive this error message if you wait too long to click  Process Transaction after the card has been swiped. You’ll need to cancel the transaction and re-swipe the card.

Unable to read input. Waiting for Retry

This error occurs when your Anti-virus software is interfering with the connectivity of the Worldpay from FIS Integration. To resolve: Add the following URLs to your anti-virus program.



Card-on-File Service Unavailable

This error occurs when Worldpay has not activated the ability the save a card. To resolve this issue, you must contact Worldpay from FIS directly at 1-800-846-4472. 

Note: If you find the error occurs with a previously saved card and the option to delete the card is also missing, please contact WebPT Support.

Service Unavailable Message

If you’ve encountered the Service Unavailable error message, we recommend processing payments in your Worldpay from FIS Merchant iQ portal or by calling Worldpay from FIS Customer Care at 1-800-846-4472 where they can process the payment for you.

Ingenico Lane/3000 device Transaction Errors

Invalid Transaction: Unknown error processing transaction

The device lost connection was lost or has a poor network connection.

  1. Reboot the device - Hold down the yellow arrow and # key.
  2. If rebooting the device does not resolve the error, remove or re-add the device in the EMR Clinic Settings to re-establish the connection.

Invalid Transaction: Transaction has timed out

The device was idle for too long and ended the transaction process.

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