How Do I Rename or Deactivate (Delete) a Calendar?

When you need to rename or no longer need a calendar, follow the steps below. 


  • Calendars cannot be deleted, only deactivated which will remove it from view. 
  • Only Clinic or Calendar Admins can rename or deactivate a calendar.
  1. Click View Schedule, located under Scheduling on the WebPT dashboard. This will take to you the Scheduler.                                                                                                 
  2. Click Manage Calendars, located under Schedule Actions.                        
  3. Select the Calendar Settings and User Permissions tab.
  4. Choose the calendar you want to change from the Calendar Selection box.

Rename Calendar

To rename the calendar, make your changes in the Calendar Name field, then click Save.

Deactivate Calendar

When you deactivate a calendar you are removing the calendar from everyone's My Calendar List. 

Note: Making a public calendar private will not remove the calendar from view.

  1. To deactivate the calendar, uncheck the box next to Active. When you deactivate, a dialog box will appear.                                             
  2. Click Yes to confirm and complete the calendar deactivation. 

Use Cases

Name Changes

When a therapist legally changes their name, rename the calendar and ensure that the name in the user profile matches the new calendar name exactly. 

Replacing a Provider

Always create a new calendar for a new provider. Do not rename calendars that previously belonged to other individuals, this will create reporting issues.