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Create Calendars for Multiple Clinic Locations

For therapists who work out of multiple clinics, we recommend creating a calendar for each location. Users with Clinic, Company, or Calendar Admin permissions can create and modify calendars.

Calendars created automatically when the user profile is created in the User Manager will have the same name as the  Full Name field in the user profile. This walks you through:

  • Renaming the default calendar
  • Switching clinic location
  • Creating a new calendar for the user

In this example, therapist Adrienne Smith was added to the Gilbert clinic's User Manager for Jedi Wellness Clinic. Jedi has now opened a Mesa clinic, and Adrienne needs a calendar for each clinic location.


  • The name of each calendar must match the name in the Full Name field user profile, followed by a space, a dash, another space, and then the name of the clinic.
  • Calendars must be created in the appropriate clinic.
  • Therapists must have access to a clinic before a calendar is created in that clinic.

Rename Default Calendar

While in the Gilbert clinic:

  1. Click View Schedule in the Scheduler box. 
  2. Click Manage Calendars in the Schedule Actions box. 
  3. Select the Calendar Settings and User Permissions tab.
  4. Use the Calendar Selection dropdown to select the user. 
  5. Enter the additional calendar name in the Calendar Name field. For our example, we've used "Adrienne Smith - Gilbert" as seen below. Click Save.

Change Clinic Location

  1. Select the Mesa location from the Clinic drop-down.
  2. Click View Schedule in the Scheduler box. 
  3. Click Manage Calendars in the Schedule Actions box.
  4. Select the Calendar Settings and User Permissions tab.
  5. Click Create New Calendar.
  6. In the Calendar Name field, type in "Adrienne Smith - Mesa" as seen below. Check the Public checkbox. In the Schedule belongs to field, select Adrienne Smith. 
  7. Click Create.
  8. Checking the Active checkbox makes the calendar active and available in the My Calendar List tab. Checking the Public checkbox makes it available for all other users in your clinic to view. Click Save

Add Calendars to View

On the My Calendar List tab, check the checkbox next to your calendar name and any others you want to view in the Add to My Schedule column. Tip: You may need to refresh your browser for the changes to appear. Click Save.

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