Preventing Provider Duplicates

Duplicate providers added to the WebPT EMR have serious downstream consequences for your RevFlow Billing solution. This impacts your front office, reporting, and, most crucially, can delay payments.

To reduce the possibility of creating a duplicate provider, follow the steps below: 

  • Have the therapist log into WebPT EMR using the usernames and passwords provided by their Onboarding Specialist. 
  • If the therapist cannot locate their credentials, search for the therapist in the User Manager. Here, you can locate their username and reset their password to locate the therapist.
  • For users in Onboarding:  If you can’t find a specific provider, alert your Onboarding Specialist. Do not manually add them into the WebPT EMR as this can create duplicates.
  • For users after Graduation:  If you have confirmed that the provider is not in WebPT, please add the provider using these instructions and send an email to with your new provider information.