Auto Accident Date and State Entry in Patient Case

Note: This feature is only available to clinics who are integrated with Therabill.

Claims with Auto Accident (At Fault) and Auto Accident (No Fault) are billed using the 'AA' billing code. Follow the steps below to include the Auto Accident Date and Accident State when adding or editing the patient's case information. Let's look at adding a new Auto Accident case. 

  1. While in the Patient Info tab in WebPT, scroll down to the Cases tab and select Add Case
  2. In the New Case screen, click on the Related Cause drop-down. Select the appropriate Auto Accident option for the current patient.
  3. Once you select the Auto Accident option, two drop-downs for Accident Date and Accident State will appear. Fill in the information, complete the case details, and save.                                    
  4. Save the patient.                                                                                                                 
  5. The auto accident information will flow over to the Advanced tab of the patient’s chart in Therabill.