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Scheduler Day and Time Settings

Update Scheduler settings to reflect your clinic's days and hours of business. Setting the duration for appointments and time intervals for each hour allows you to easily manage all calendars in the Scheduler.

  1. Click View Schedule in the Scheduler box.

  2. Click Settings in the Schedule Actions box.

Scheduler Settings

  • For Week Starts On, select Sunday or Monday.
  • For Display Work Week, select 5, 6, or 7 days.
  • The Calendar View defaults to Expanded Calendar View, select No for a Compressed View.
  • Select the Date Format you prefer.
  • Select the Time Format you prefer.
  • For Start of Day, set the time you prefer.
  • For End of Day, set the time for one hour past your last appointment time. For example, if you schedule your last appointments at 5:00pm, set the end time to 6:00pm.
  • Set the Time Interval for how many minutes you want to break up each hour.
  • Set the Default Duration for the length of appointments. When you create an appointment on a calendar, it will default to this duration. We recommend setting to the standard time for Follow Up appointments.
  • Select the Zoom Level you prefer for viewing the Scheduler.
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