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Manage Calendars: Clinic Settings

You can customize how your appointments appear on the scheduler.


Note: You must have Calendar Admin permissions to access these settings.

Manage Settings: Clinic Settings

You can change the colors, textures, and icons that appear on the calendar from Manage Calendars.

  1. From the dashboard, click View Schedule.
  2. Next, select Manage Calendars.
  3. Click Clinic Settings.
  4. First, choose if you want to use colors and textures, I like colors for Appointment Type and textures for Insurance Type. Or just colors, I like colors for Appointment Status and Insurance Type, to differentiate between appointment and insurance types.

Note: When using colors for both Appointment Status and Insurance Type, the Insurance Type color is given priority over the Appointment Type/Status color. For example, if my Insurance Type color for Medicare is Red and my Appointment Type/Status color for Initial Evaluation appointments is blue, then the Medicare appointments appear red.

Status Icon Visibility

Status Icons appear on the patient’s appointment and on the agenda. Regardless of the option, you choose in step 4 above you can uncheck the icons you do not want to appear.

Appointment Types

All clinics will have six standard appointment types whose names cannot be edited: Initial Examination, Follow-Up, Re-Examination, Consultation, Orthosis Fabrication, and Other.  You change the color for these Appointment Types by clicking the color bar next to the appointment type name to select your preferred color for the appointment type. In addition, Marker Appointment Types allow a provider to clearly define when their day starts, ends, and when patient appointments can be scheduled on their calendar. To learn more about Marker Appointment Types, click here.

How do I add a custom appointment type?

You can input up to 15 custom appointment types. Custom appointment types are extremely useful for detailed Analytics reporting.  Add custom appointments by clicking the Add custom appointment type link. 

Note: Custom Appointment Types only allow for Alphanumeric names.

Can I delete custom appointments?

Custom appointments cannot be deleted once they’ve been used. However, you can rename appointments or disable them.

Note: If you rename an appointment this will change the appointment name on all previously scheduled appointments with this appointment type and will impact reporting.

Insurance Color Type

The insurance types available for selection are based on the insurance types you’ve entered in the EMR and cannot be edited. If you choose to use colors and textures for appointment status and insurance type, click on the color bar next to the insurance type to select a texture for each insurance.

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