Calendar Settings and User Permissions

Calendar administrators can set access permissions and calendar settings using Manage Calendars.

  1. From the dashboard, select View Schedule.                                                    
  2. Once in the Scheduler, select Manage Calendars from the Schedule Actions section. 
  3. Calendar Admins will have two tabs in addition to the standard My Calendar List tab. The first of these tabs is Calendar Settings and User Permissions, which allows you to determine the settings for individual calendars. Click this tab to open. 
  4. Select the desired calendar from the Calendar Selection menu. 
  5. You can change the calendar name, determine if the calendar should be active (available for scheduling) and if it should be available for others to view, public.                                            
  6. You can also determine ownership of the calendar, using the Calendar belongs to: drop-down.
    Important: Clinics that have therapists working at multiple locations will need to be linked to the correct Therapist. 


  7. Below the Calendar Selection options, is the list of clinic users.  By default, Administrators will automatically have full permissions to all calendars.  
  8. You can set the user permission access level for each calendar, using one of the three permission options: 
    • Unset, removes access to the calendar.
    • Read-Only, prevents the user from making any changes to the information on the calendar.
    • Read & Write, allows the individual to view and make edits to the calendar.

  9. Ensure that you select the Save button to finalize your changes and set access.