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Calendar Settings and User Permissions

Calendar administrators can set access permissions and calendar settings using Manage Calendars.

  1. Select View Schedule, from the Schedule Actions tab.

  2. Once in the Scheduler, select Manage Calendars from the Schedule Actions tab.

  3. Click the Calendar Settings and User Permissions, to determine and set permissions for individual calendars. This tab is only available to Calendar Admins, click here for more information on User Permissions.

  4. Select the desired calendar from the Calendar Selection drop-down.

  5. You can change the Calendar Name. Mark the Active checkbox if the calendar should be available for scheduling and mark the Public checkbox to make the calendar available to view by others.

    Note: If you need to make the calendar unavailable for scheduling ensure  Active is NOT checked. To remove a calendar from the view of anyone else ensure Public is not checked.                       
  6. You can also determine ownership of the calendar, using the Calendar belongs to: drop-down.

    Important: Clinics that have therapists working at multiple locations will need to be linked to the correct Therapist. 
  7. Below the Calendar Selection options, is the list of individual clinic users who may or may not need access to Amber's calendar (noted in our example above). You'll need to set the individual user permission access level for each user that needs access to Amber's calendar.
    • For example, you'll see the Set Access Level link for Allie Saldana and Allison Certosimo in the image below. To grant Allie and Allison access to Amber's calendar, you'll need to click the Set Access Level link for both Allie and Allison in addition to any other users in the list that may need access
    • Note: By default, Administrators will automatically have full permissions to all calendars.

      Set each individual user permission access level, using one of the three permission options: 

      • Unset, removes access to the calendar.
      • Read-Only, prevents the user from making any changes to the information on the calendar.
      • Read & Write, allows the individual to view and make edits to the calendar.
  8. Ensure that you select the Save button to finalize your changes and set access.
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