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Auto Text Expander Tutorial

Magical is an Auto Text Expander Tool and is a free Google Chrome Extension. This browser extension can help you save time while documenting in SOAP 1.0 or SOAP 2.0 notes by replacing shortcut text with full phrases.

WebPT has no association with the makers of Google or Magical. 

Download and Install Google Chrome Browser

If Google Chrome is not currently installed on your computer, visit the Google Chrome Download Page, and follow the installation instructions. For the best experience please follow these instructions to set Chrome as your default browser. Chrome with Magical (Auto Text Expander) is compatible with the Windows and Mac operating systems.

Download Magical/Auto Text Expander For Chrome

Visit the Auto Text Expander download page and select the Add to Chrome button.

Setup Auto Text Expander

  1. After adding the extension, a screen will appear with instructions and sample shortcuts. These can be deleted using the trashcan icon that appears upon hover.
  2. Next, begin adding custom shortcuts. Click the + New shortcut button. 
  3. A field will appear for the custom shortcut to be entered. Type the shortcut first, then in the second field, type the full text.
  4. Once all shortcuts are entered, select the Save button.

Test the Shortcuts in WebPT

With shortcuts set up, test them in any field in WebPT. This works in SOAP 1.0 and SOAP 2.0.


Add/Edit Additional Shortcuts

To edit or add any shortcuts that would speed up documentation time, select the Magical icon at the top of the Chrome window.

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