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Data Exports

WebPT uses Egnyte, a secure file-sharing site, to provide you with your practice’s clinic data. You’ll visit this site to download your data.

Note: Because the data downloads as a .zip file, your computer must be able to export, or “unzip,” .zip files. If your computer does not have this ability, you’ll need to download a file-unzipping program. We recommend 7-zip, which you can download for free at http://www.7-zip.org.

Downloading Your Data

  1. Follow the link in the first email message we sent, which had the subject line: “Instructions on how  to access your data (Message 1 of 2).”
  2. Click the webptcloud.egnyte link.
  3. Check the file to download.
  4. Click Download Selected.
    Note: The prompt to download may vary depending on your web browser. Also, download speed will depend on file size and Internet connectivity.

Accessing Your Data

Once the file finishes downloading:

  1. Extract the file to your preferred file location.
  2. When prompted, enter the password we provided in the second email message we sent, which had the subject line: “Instructions on how to access your data (Message 2 of 2).”
  3. Open the folder once extracted; you’ll see a list of files and folders.

File Definitions

  • Facility-doc: If your clinic used external documents (i.e., eDocs), these files will be located here.
  • Patient-doc: Contains all patient documentation, including Daily Notes, Examinations, Discharges, and patient-specific eDocs. Only patients with finalized notes are included.
  • Patient-cases: Spreadsheet containing patient names and their corresponding case information.
  • Patient-demographics: Spreadsheet containing patient demographics, such as phone, email, and address. All patients in the WebPT EMR are included.
  • Payers: Spreadsheet containing a list of insurance companies from WebPT.
  • Physicians: Spreadsheet containing a list of referring physicians from WebPT.
  • Users: Spreadsheet containing a list of users from WebPT, such as PTs, PTAs, and clerical users.

Patient Files

To find a patient file and corresponding documentation:

  1. Open the patient-demographics spreadsheet. You may be prompted to enter your password again. If so, the easiest way to do this is to copy and paste the password from the second email.
  2. Once the spreadsheet opens, scroll to columns P, Q, and R. These columns will list the patients’ names.
  3. Head to column A to view patient IDs. Find the patient ID associated with the patient name.
  4. Once you have the PatientID number, open the patient-doc folder, which contains a list of patient IDs, along with their corresponding documentation.
  5. Use the PatientID number to find the appropriate file name.
  6. Open the file; you’ll see a docs folder and an extdocs folder. These folders correspond to patient documents and external documents (eDocs), respectively.
  7. Open the docs folder; you’ll see a list of Adobe PDF files. These are patient documents that were finalized in WebPT. The data is sorted by date, along with letters that correspond to each type of document:
  • IE = Initial Examination
  • DN = Daily Note
  • FS = Flowsheet
  • RE = Re-Examination
  • PN = Progress Note
  • DS = Discharge Summary
  • DQ = Quick Discharge

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for my data export request?

Data Exports are provided upon account cancellation. If you are not canceling your WebPT services the data export is provided for a fee.

I downloaded my data. Now what?

You can either download this data to an external hard drive or disc. If you choose to download this data to an external device of some kind, we strongly recommend keeping it in a secure area to prevent theft of any kind.

My Egnyte link expired. What do I do?

You can reach out to our Support department at support@webpt.com to retrieve the data.  

What comes in the Data Export?

  • Finalized patient documents
  • eDocs
  • Patient Demographics
  • Payers
  • Physicians
  • User Information

What does not come in the Data Export?

  • Reports
  • Scheduler Information
  • Payment Information
  • Chart Notes

Why is there a discrepancy between Patient-doc and Patient-demographics?

Patient-doc includes information about patients with finalized notes in the WebPT EMR, whereas Patient-demographic contains information about all patients in the WebPT EMR, with and without finalzed notes.

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