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Scheduler: Patient Copay

When you enter a copay amount for the primary insurance in a patient chart, you will be prompted to collect the patient’s copay upon checking them in for the appointment. 

If a patient’s copay does not show up on an appointment, it is most likely the appointment was added before the copay was entered on the patient chart. 

When this occurs, follow these steps: 

Verify that the Copay was Added to the Patient Chart/Patient Info

  1. From the Patient Chart, select Patient Info.
  2. Click the Edit icon for the primary insurance from the Insurance tab to open the Edit Insurance modal.
  3. Click Next to view the Policy Information.
  4. Verify that the Copay information is entered. Add the copay information if necessary.
  5. Click Next, and verify the rest of the policy information is correct then click Ok when done.
  6. Click Save Patient.

Remove & Replace the Appointment without a Copay

To fix the appointment on the Scheduler, we’ll need to remove and recreate the appointment.

  1. Click View Schedule and find the appointment in question.
  2. Delete the appointment.
  3. Schedule a new appointment with all of the same information. Be sure to schedule the appointment for the correct case.

After removing and replacing the appointment without a copay, you can see the patient’s copay information when you hover the mouse over the appointment. 

Note: Only the Primary Insurance's Copay will appear when checking a patient in for their appointment. To determine a patient's secondary insurance copay, please visit their chart.

You’ll be prompted to collect the copay when you check the patient in for their appointment.

Collect the Patient’s Copay

When you’re prompted to collect the patient copay, your response to the prompt impacts the patient chart. 

A) Clicking the X to close the window, adds a line to the patient payments history showing a $0 amount was collected for the amount due for the copay.

B) Clicking Cancel, closes the window and does not add a line to the patient payments history.

C) Clicking Save and Close saves any information that has been entered to the patient payment screen. 

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