Copay does not show in Appointment on the Scheduler

If copay information is added to the patient chart through Patient Info after an appointment is scheduled, the copay will not show on the appointment. However, the copay will appear on all future scheduled appointments.

Verify that Copay has been Added to Patient Chart/Patient Info

  1. Go to the Patient Chart and select Patient Info.
  2. In the Add Insurance box, click Edit.
  3. Click Next to see Policy Information. 
  4. Enter Copay information if blank.
  5. Click Next and Ok.
  6. Click Save Patient.

Update the Appointment without a Copay

  1. View the Scheduler and find the appointment in question.
  2. Delete the appointment.
  3. Schedule a new appointment and type the patient's name in the Patient Quick Search area.
  4. Choose the correct case for this patient and click Save.
  5. The Copay information will show in the appointment.
  6. When the patient is checked in, you'll be automatically prompted to collect the Copay.