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AMD Patient Payments

Patient Payments entered in WebPT flow into AdvancedMD (AMD) for members with an integration between the two systems.

Important: This setting will affect ALL clinics within a company.


How do I start having patient payments flow from WebPT to AMD?

The setting is turned on by default for all patient payment types. Clinic Admins can choose to disable this function or choose which types of payment methods flow over. Even though this setting is in Clinic Settings,  it will affect ALL clinics within a company.

Manage this feature:

  1. In WebPT, go to the Clinic Name drop-down menu and select Clinic Settings.
  2. Scroll down to AdvancedMD Settings. Review the breakdown of each setting.
  3. Click Save Settings.                                                                                                              

How do I enter patient payments in WebPT?

Review the Patient Payment article for information on entering payments in the patient's chart or the Scheduler. Each payment type must be configured to flow over successfully; follow the instructions above to configure payment types.

How do the payments appear in AMD?

Payments will flow over shortly after a transaction is saved. Payments that flow into AMD are marked Unapplied and must be applied directly from within AMD to the CPT codes. This is an example of the AMD charges screen.

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