How to Add a Patient Prescription

Our prescription tracking feature allows you to track the expiration of patient prescriptions by expiration date, number of visits, or both. The prescription expiration date and/or total allotted visit alerts (depending on how you choose to track your prescriptions) will appear on your WebPT dashboard and within the patient record.

There are two ways to enter patient prescriptions:

1) Entering Prescriptions within the Patient Record

You can add a patient’s prescription information through Add Case, which you can access from the patient information screen. Select Yes in the Record Prescription field, and then hit Ok.

Upload the prescription document from your computer, and then enter the start and end date (required), the number of visits, the frequency, and the duration of the prescription. Please note:  if you have more than one prescription on the case, the effective start and end dates cannot overlap. If they do, the system will pull data from the expiring/expired prescription which will negatively impact your reporting and alerts.

Additionally, you can set your prescription expiration alerts here based on days, visits, or both. These alerts will appear in the patient record and, if there is no default alert set for your clinic, under the At a Glance section on your Dashboard. Select Add and then hit Ok. 

2) Entering Prescription Through eDoc

If your clinic has eDoc, you can upload the patient's prescription through this process as well.

Setting Up Default Alerts

A clinic administrator can set a default prescription expiration alert for your entire clinic through Clinic Settings, accessible from your clinic’s dropdown menu in the top right navigation bar.

These default alerts will appear in the patient record (if the therapist does not apply a prescription expiration alert for that specific patient) and in the At a Glance section on the WebPT dashboard. Here is where you can find the number of prescription visits used and the expiration date on the patient information screen within the patient record. 

Expiring Alerts

Ending and expiring prescription alerts appear in the At a Glance section.

Additionally, a note will appear on the patient record screen to alert you when the patient’s prescription is expiring or expired.