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Attach Provider to a Payment

Several billing integrations allow you to associate a patient payment with the therapist that provided treatment. This is often used to determine the funds that the therapist is responsible for bringing into the clinic. Now, the WebPT EMR allows you to specify the provider when entering and collecting payment.

The associated provider information is included in the transmission when patient payments are integrated with:

  • WebPT Billing
  • Therabill (Corresponding field does not exist at this time)
  • AdvancedMD
  • Kareo

Collect Payment Window

Important: If you are integrated with the WorldPay payment solution, be sure to select the Provider prior to processing the payment.

  1. When entering and collecting a payment, use the Provider drop-down to designate which therapist the payment should be associated with.
  2. Finish collecting the payment.

Provider Default

While you have the option to select any provider in your clinic, the system will choose a default for you based on the method you are using to collect the payment.

  • Scheduler: Defaults to the scheduled Therapist. If blank, the Assigned Therapist on the case will be used.
  • Patient Chart: Defaults to the Assigned Therapist on the case.

Note: When editing payments, all payments posted prior to this feature will always default to the Assigned Therapist on the case.

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