Add Multiple Cases to the Patient Record

Adding multiple cases to a patient's chart makes it easy to ensure all their data is located in a single profile. You can easily switch from case to case, depending on the treatment area, and keep track of prior care through discharged cases.

Use the following steps to add another case to a patient chart.

  1. Use Display Patients in the Patient Manager to search for your patient.
  2. Click the Edit link to be directed to the Patient Info section of the chart. 
  3. Choose Add Case in the Cases Tab. 
  4. Fill in the required case information and click Ok. For more information on adding a case to a patient's chart, read this article
  5. Save Patient, the new case will appear as a tab in the patient's chart.                 
  6. When you first open the patient's chart, you'll be asked to choose the active case.    
  7. To navigate between cases, simply click on the desired case tab.