Tracking Patient Visits

Manage your patients' Total Visits, Authorized Visits, and Insurance Policy Visits right in the patient chart.

Visit count information entered into a patient case is also tracked in the At a Glance section of the WebPT Dashboard.

Total Visits

The Total Visits field shows the total number of visits for a patient case, counted by finalized notes. This information is also included in the Subjective tab of any note.


  • The Total Visit count will restart (from zero) if an Initial Examination is completed in a patient's case that was previously discharged.
  • The Total Visit count will only include Daily notes when it contains charges. 

If the Total Visit count appears incorrect click the patient's Previous Appointments to check for any discrepancies in the case and ensure all Daily Notes which should have charges are accounted for. 

Authorized Visits

  • Pulls from information in the Authorization Manager entered into the case through Patient Info 
  • Only the current authorization shows in the patient chart 
  • Expired authorizations remain on the patient chart and in the authorization report until a new authorization is added to the case through Patient Info
  • How to Add an Insurance Authorization

Insurance Policy Visits

  • Tracked on the same line as Authorized Visits 
  • Insurance Policy visits in multiple cases with the same insurance are automatically tracked across cases
  • How to Add Insurance Policy visits