How to Quick Add a Patient

One option to add new patients to WebPT is with the Quick Add Patient link. The Quick Add Patient feature is useful for rapid scheduling with limited information. However, you will need to complete the remaining patient information prior to starting documentation.

Note: Do not use this method if you are integrated with a billing application. Doing so will prevent information from transmitting correctly.

Quick Add a Patient:

  1. Click the Quick Add Patient link located under the Patient Manager.                                            
  2. Fill out the required information fields. Enter the preferred reminder type if your clinic uses appointment reminders. Required fields include First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Phone Number, Primary Insurance, and Referring Physician.
  3. Click the Create and Schedule button to be redirected to the Scheduler. Alternatively, select the Save and Close button.
  4. From the Scheduler, you can immediately create an appointment for the patient.
  5. All Patients added through Quick Add will appear in the Incomplete Patient Records section of the At a Glance alerts. These patient records must be completed prior to starting documentation. 
  6. Clinic Administrators can turn off the ability to Quick Add a Patient in the Clinic SettingsDetermine whether you want Quick Add Patient to be available to your clinic users. Clinics may choose to turn this feature off to require all data to be entered when creating a patient. 
Note: Turn this feature  Off if your clinic is integrated with a billing partner. You will cause billing issues if you leave important details such as insurance subscriber ID out of the patient info.