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Add Patient: Identifications

If your clinic uses or records Patient Identifications such as a Driver's License, Social Security Number, or Alternative Patient Identification these identification types can be added from Patient Info.

Patient Identifications Notes: 
  • Often these identifications are filled in from other sources.
  • Inbound integrations will populate an ID Type of MRN with an ID # that cannot be changed.
  • Driver’s licenses are usually pulled from eDocs and may result in double-entry or redundancy.
  • Social Security Numbers are also usually pulled from eDocs and may result in double-entry or redundancy.
  • Alternate Patient IDs can be automatically generated from inbound patient integrations or may be used based on clinic preferences. For members using SOAP 1.0, the Alternate Patient ID will display next to the patient's name in the Patient Chart, if present. If an Alternate ID is not added, the Patient's WebPT EMR ID will display. If multiple Alternative IDs are added to the patient chart ensure you mark the one you would like to use as the patient ID as primary.

    • Alternate ID view
    • EMR ID view 

Add Patient Identifications

  1. Click on the Add Identifications tab then Add Identification.
  2. Choose the ID Type from the drop-down.
  3. Enter the ID# and complete any of the additional fields, then click OK.

WebPT Billing Integrations

  • If you do not include the patient’s Social Security Number, this field will generate as 999999999 in RevFlow.
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