eDoc: Quick Scan Setup

Quick Scan allows you to scan documents from the scanner bed directly into WebPT without having to save the file to your computer first. Browse allows you to upload documents saved to your computer (this article explains how). You need to download and install the TWAIN plugin, which allows Quick Scan to work with your internet browser. 

If you are using Mac OS X, click here to view the TWAIN installation video.

For best results, we recommend using:

  • The latest version of Chrome or Firefox.
  • A scanner that is TWAIN-compliant (this is a requirement for Quick Scan to function). Note: NEATDesk, Fujitsu ‘ScanSnap’ & Epson ‘Workforce’ & (ALL) Brother scanner models have known compatibility issues.
  • A scanner connected by USB (Wireless Network scanners may NOT work with Quick Scan). 
  • The latest version of Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X.
  • A file size under 4mb (this is the largest file size eDoc can upload. For longer documents, you can break the file down into fewer pages or lower image quality.

Important: Attempting to upload a larger file will generate the following error message: An error occurred while trying to upload your document error - 2003 message HTTP process error.  For longer documents, you can break the file down into fewer pages or lower image quality.

Downloading the TWAIN Plugin

  1. While in a patient’s chart, select eDoc below the patient’s name and the eDoc section of the chart will open.                  
  2. Click the Quick Scan button.  
  3. A dialog box will appear stating that the Dynamic Web TWAIN driver is either not installed or that a newer version exists. Click the Download button. 

Install the Plugin

Use the following steps to uninstall and reinstall the DynamSoft driver.

  1. Search for ‘Programs’ in your Windows search bar (bottom-left of the screen) and select Add or remove programsMac users: Press Command + space bar, then search for 'dynamsoft'.

  2. In the Search field, type in ‘dynamsoft’, select the program and click Uninstall. Mac users: Select the DynamSoft Service folder and then choose uninstall.pkg. This folder can also be found in Applications.

  3. You may need to do this for multiple Dynamsoft downloads. 
  4. You may be asked multiple times to uninstall or modify, always choose Uninstall.  
  5. Restart your computer once all Dynamsoft programs are uninstalled. 
  6. Once you’ve logged back in, open your browser (Chrome or Firefox) and log back into the WebPT EMR.
  7. Go to a patient's chart, and click on Quickscan. It should prompt you to download the software.

  8. If using Firefox, a pop-up appears. Click Save File. This does not install the software.

  9. Firefox: Open your Downloads and select the program. This will launch the Setup Wizard.

  10. Chrome: Open the program from your Downloads at the bottom of your screen. This will launch the Setup Wizard.
  11. Follow the instructions in the Setup Wizard. 
  12. Allow the program to make changes. 
  13. Once the installation is complete, begin by clearing your cache. You can do this by pressing the keys Ctrl + Shift + Delete or following the instructions outlined here.
  14. Next, restart your internet browser. Close all browser windows and reopen the browser.
  15. Log back into the WebPT EMR and try scanning again
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