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How to Fax a Document

Faxing finalized documentation is an included service. Please note that the documentation must be finalized before it can be faxed (documentation that is not finalized cannot be sent). Please note that the fax service is an outgoing faxes only. You cannot receive incoming faxes in the WebPT EMR.

Failed Faxes

To learn more about common failed fax reasons, check out our troubleshooting guide here.

Faxing a Document from a Patient's Chart

  1. In the Records section of the patient's chart, locate the finalized document or documents you want to fax.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu to the right and select Fax it
  3. Click the play button to open the fax window.  
  4. If the patient has a referring physician assigned, their information will automatically appear in the To field. Select the x to the right of their name if you do not want to fax to this individual.  All contacts, physicians, and insurances that have fax numbers entered in their record will show up in the contact list. Search or filter to find your contact. Double click any name to add to the To field. You can send to more than one individual. If the recipient is not listed, use Add Outside Contact link to add them.  
  5. You can fax more than document at a time by selecting from the Available Documents drop-down and using the Add button. You can add all documents in the chart by selecting All Documents from the drop-down then Add
  6. Review the documents you are sending in the Included Documents section. You can quickly remove a document using the [Remove] link.  
  7. The fax will automatically include a cover sheet. To add a custom message to the cover sheet, type in the message field. Asking for a physician's signature or including text to thank them for a referral are common tasks, so you can click the checkboxes to include that text automatically. Also, if you wish to send only the last two pages, click the corresponding checkbox. 
  8. Once complete, click Send Fax to send your documents. 
  9. Important: Faxes do not go straight to the recipient as soon as you click the Send Fax button. Faxes wait in a queue and it’s not unusual for this queue to exceed 10,000 faxes at any given time. Therefore, monitor the icons explained below to understand where your fax is in the process.
  10. A confirmation window will pop up. Once you close the window and return to the chart, you will see an icon next to the document:
    1. Fax is currently trying to be sent.
    2. Fax successfully sent. Hover over the icon to see recipients and sent date.
    3. Fax failed. Hover over the icon to see recipients that were not sent to.

Fax Lifecycle

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