Place of Service in WebPT

PLEASE NOTE: While all clinics will see this feature, only clinics integrated with the following billing partners will have the information flow from the WebPT EMR to their billing system:

  • Therabill
  • Kareo
  • AMD
  • CMD
  • RevFlow

What is the Place of Service?

Place of Service refers to the facility or environment where therapy services were provided. It is a required field on the 1500 claim form—located in Box 24B. For WebPT clinics integrated with Therabill, each clinic location can choose which place of service is attached to the claim. Changing this setting is only necessary if the place of service for a clinic location, a patient's case, or a specific visit or date of service is different than the default. The place of service code can be found in Therabill while editing a session, under the Billing & Coding heading.

Hierarchy of Settings for Place of Service

The Place of Service can be updated for either the entire clinic location, a patient's case, or in the patient's note for a specific visit or date of service. 

Clinic Location

The place of service is adjustable for an entire clinic location. The clinic administrator must perform this action. By making this adjustment for the clinic, all patient cases, and visits/dates of service will default to this place of service. The original default for the clinic is 11 - Office, so if this reflects your clinic, no further action is needed.

To change the place of service default for the entire clinic:
  1. Click on the Clinic drop-down menu, and select Clinic Settings. Please note, only clinic administrators can see this menu.   
  2. Scroll down to the Place of Service heading and use the drop-down to select the correct place of service for the current clinic location. Please note that the default selection for place of service is 11 - Office.  If this is correct, there is no need to update.         
  3. Important: If you have the "Allow other users to select a different place of service in the Case and SOAP note" set to Off, users will not be able to update the Place of Service on the Case or Note.
  4. Click Save Settings.                                                                                       
Example of how to use the clinic setting:

Your company has three clinic locations:

  • Jedi Wellness Center- Scottsdale (brick and mortar clinic location; all treatment performed at clinic)
  • Jedi Wellness Center- Phoenix (brick and mortar clinic location; all treatment performed at clinic)
  • Jedi Wellness At-Home Rehabilitation (all treatments are performed at patient homes; there is no treatment performed at any physical clinic office)

The Place of Service does not need to be updated for the Scottsdale and Phoenix clinics as the default  11 - Office is correct. For the At-Home Rehabilitation location, the clinic administrator will need to update the Place of Service to 12 - Home, so claims sent will automatically have the correct place of service attached.

Patient's Case

The Place of Service is adjustable for a patient’s case. The setting will default to the selection made in the Clinic Setting. If a patient’s case is typically taking place in a location other than the clinic default, update the case to reflect. This setting will also feed down into the documents for the case.

To change the place of service for a case, in the patient’s chart:
  1. Select Patient Info from the patient's chart.
  2. From the Cases section, choose Edit Case.
  3. Use the Place of Service drop-down to select the Place of Service for future visits in this case.
  4. Press OK on the Case window, and then Save Patient.             
Example of how to use the case setting

Most of the treatment in the clinic takes place in the physical clinic location, therefore, the clinic setting is  11 - Office. One patient, more than often than not, will be seen for their speech therapy at their school and only rarely at the clinic location. The case setting should be updated to 3 - School to reflect this information. When the therapist is documenting, the setting for the place of service within their note will default to 3 - School. If they are seeing a patient at the clinic location for a particular visit though, they can update the setting using the steps in the Document Setting section.


The Place of Service is adjustable for each document, or date of service, in a patient’s chart. The setting will default to the selection made in the Case Setting. If a specific date of service takes place somewhere other than the default case location, update the document for that date of service to reflect.

To change the place of service for an individual note:
  1. For Evaluative Notes, choose the correct Place of Service from the Billing tab.
  2. For Daily Notes, choose the correct Place of Service from the Objective tab.
  3. Complete and finalize the note as you regularly would.
Example of how to use the document/date of service setting:

Let’s continue with the example from the case setting. The case setting was set to 3 - School since most of the treatment the therapist would be doing with the patient was planned to be at the school, therefore, the document setting in the note defaults to 3. For a particular visit, the patient comes into the clinic for treatment. For this visit’s daily note, the therapist would select 11 - Office for the note, then complete and finalize as they regularly would.

List of Available Places of Service

Below are the available place of service codes in the WebPT EMR, along with a description of the place of service represented. 

Location Code — Location Description

  • 03 — School
  • 04 — Homeless Shelter
  • 09 — Prison/Correctional Facility
  • 11 — Office
  • 12 — Home
  • 13 — Assisted Living Facility
  • 14 — Group Home
  • 15 — Mobile Unit
  • 16 — Temporary Lodging
  • 21 — Inpatient Hospital
  • 22 — On Campus-Outpatient Hospital
  • 26 — Military Treatment Facility
  • 31 — Skilled Nursing Facility
  • 32 — Nursing Facility
  • 34 — Hospice
  • 49 — Independent Clinic
  • 53 — Community Mental Health Center
  • 62 — Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility
  • 71 — Public Health Clinic
  • 99 — Other Place of Service

For more information regarding place of service details, visit Medicare’s website.