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Sending 0 (Zero) Units to Billing Partner

Important: Clinics integrated with RevFlow or WebPT Billing must have this setting Off.

Choose whether you want to send a CPT code with zero units to your integrated billing partner. This allows you to document the time spent on the CPT code, but indicate that you did not spend enough time to satisfy the 8-minute rule or simply did not want to bill for the unit of treatment provided. 


This example shows billing for an 8-minute rule insurance. The therapist spent 8 minutes on Therapeutic Exercise and charged 1 unit. The therapist spent 5 minutes on Neuromuscular Re-education, but charged 0 (zero) units, because less than 8 minutes was spent on that procedure. Based on the clinic settings, a zero unit charge can be sent from WebPT to the billing partner.

Manage Your Integration Settings

  1. Select your company name drop-down, and then choose Clinic Settings.
  2. Go to the Integration Settings heading:
  3. When On is selected, it will allow zero unit CPT codes to flow over to your integrated billing software (this is the default)
  4. When Off is selected, zero unit CPT codes will not flow over and will only be displayed in the note.
  5. Save.
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