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Customized IE Profiles

Create custom IE profiles to eliminate unnecessary information from an evaluation and minimize time spent on documentation. When used with Smart Text, you can significantly cut down the time you spend on notes. Start with WebPT's standard, peer-reviewed Objective tab templates and modify them, or create a new profile and build your own from scratch.

Note: Public profiles can only be shared with others who have access to the clinic the profile was created in.


  • Complete evaluations with exactly what you need, and nothing else.
  • A shorter, more precise Objective tab allows therapists to test only what they need
  • Customized evaluations make documentation more efficient
  • Make your entire staff more efficient by making custom profiles public for your clinic
  • Increase consistency across your clinic on tests used for specific injuries with public clinic profiles
  • Need to add an Objective test during an evaluation? Add tests right from the Objective tab


  1. Click on your name to open the drop-down and select IE Profiles.         
  2. The Custom Eval Profile Manager displays WebPT profiles and any that you or others in your clinic create and share. 
  3. Let's start with the My Profiles tab. This tab contains the custom profiles that you created.
  4. To View, use the magnifying glass icon.To Edit, use the pencil icon. 
    To Copy, use the page icon.
    These icons are used throughout the Custom Eval Profile Manager. Note: After clicking Edit, you can delete a custom profile you created by clicking on the trash can icon. These are the only profiles you can delete.
  5. Next, let's look at the Clinic Profiles tab. This tab contains profiles you and other clinic users have customized and shared.
  6. You can hide custom profiles that others create using the Visible/Hidden switches. 
  7. WebPT Profiles contains our standard profiles, which are customized, peer-reviewed Objective tab templates. View and Copy these profiles as a starting point to create a custom profile. 

Creating a Custom Profile

  1. Click Create New Profile to create a profile. Note: To save time, you can click the 
      icon next to an existing profile to copy it and make changes instead of starting with a blank template.
  2. Name your profile and indicate if it will be public and accessible to others users within the clinic. Please note, only those that have access to the clinic the profile was created in will be able to use the profile. 
  3. Each section of the profile has a dropdown arrow to the left of the section name. Click the arrow and use the checkboxes to customize the profile. In the Inspection section, Patient Consent will be automatically checked.
  4. Use the Preview button to view your profile before saving. 

Select a Custom Profile in Evaluative Note

  1. Navigate to the Objective tab of a SOAP note. Your custom profiles are listed under My Profiles at the top of the Select Examination Profile box, followed by WebPT Profiles and then Clinic Profiles.
  2. Select a profile to add it to the note. This alert will be displayed:
  3. If you click OK to load a new profile, all previously entered data will be lost and cannot be retrieved, even if the note was previously saved as a draft.
  4. You can add additional tests to the note using the Add Test box.
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