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WebPT + Kareo Best Practices

The following tips will help you avoid common pitfalls and be successful with the WebPT EMR and Kareo integration. Additionally, we've provided a suggested workflow that may be beneficial when you're first getting started.

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Suggested Workflow for Billing using Kareo

  1. Add the patient in WebPT using the Add Patient link. All information must be accurate and complete including the diagnosis codes (ICD-10).
    Note: The patients entered through the Quick Add link will not flow into Kareo.
  2. Once a patient is saved in WebPT, the integration creates the patient record in Kareo. Check eligibility in Kareo if you have access to that tool. If you are not using the WebPT Scheduler,  please skip to Step 5.
  3. When the patient arrives for their appointment, check them in using WebPT's scheduler.  
  4. Using the Collect Payments dialogue box, collect and record any payments including copays. Please note the payments will not flow into Kareo if you have selected the wrong patient case when creating the appointment, collected the payment after the daily note is finalized, or added an addendum to the note. 
  5. Complete and finalize the daily note in WebPT with the correct CPT Codes. This creates an encounter Encounter in Kareo in draft form.
  6. Update insurance plan (if a new one has been created)
  7. Bill through Kareo.

Custom CPT Codes

When entering custom CPT codes in WebPT, ensure that you are placing the description of the codes in the larger box and the code itself in the smaller box, as shown below. Codes entered incorrectly won't transfer to Kareo.

Kareo Support

If you need to reach out to Kareo Support, check out their Contact Us page for their support options.

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