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First Login (Non-Admins)

Once your MIPS Portal has been set up by your Administrator, you’ll need to create your account to view your Quality Measure score.

  1. Once you’ve received notification that your account has been created, navigate to https://webpt.mips.healthmonix.com.  
  2. Click the Sign up link at the bottom of the page.   
  3. Complete your account registration. Remember, you must use the email address your administrator provided to us or the portal will not allow you to log in. 
  4. The portal has very specific password requirements. 
  5. When you’re finished click Create Account
  6. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be navigated to the portal home page. From here, click the Admin tab at the top of the page.                                         
  7. Then, select Dashboard next to your Practice name. 
  8. Click Continue in the Quality section.
  9. Select Quality Performance to view your scores. 
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