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MIPS Portal FAQs

What is Healthmonix? 

Healthmonix is a MIPS Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) that WebPT has partnered with to offer you the best-in-class reporting solution for MIPS. 

Who do I contact for support?

Because we’re leveraging the MIPS Reporting Suite from Healthmonix, all questions about use and functionality should be directed to the Healthmonix Support channel listed below. However, if you have any questions about reporting MIPS through your EMR or your data in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

How often should I check my scores?

If you’re happy with how you’re performing, we typically recommend checking on your scores monthly. If you are looking to improve your score and are taking active measures, consider checking in weekly.

How do I submit my scores to CMS?

Once the submission period opens in 2021, you’ll need to submit your top 6 measures and your Improvement Activity attestation to CMS. Once the submission period opens, you’ll receive an email letting you know it’s time to submit your data to CMS and you’ll be provided instructions on how to complete those steps. You’ll be asked to verify that your data are accurate at that time.

Webinar Training Opportunities Hosted by Healthmonix

Looking to learn more? Register for a live webinar—or watch last year’s recording—on key functions such as scoring rules and how to submit your measures. Click here to access Healthmonix webinars and recordings.

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