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Locating Patients with Incomplete Reporting (MIPS)

If you notice a large disparity between Total Instances and Complete Instances on the CMS Performance report, you may need to verify that your therapists are completing the measure correctly and reporting the right code. 

To effectively follow-up, you’ll need to locate the patient in the WebPT EMR. Let’s review how.

  1. Click on the number of Total Instances to open the Visits page. 
  2. On the Visits page, you can use the suggested filter to display incomplete measures and the related patient ID. 
  3. The patient ID is located in the Patient column and is a unique identifier you can use to find the patient in the WebPT EMR.       
  4. To open the patient's record page, log into the clinic associated with the patient and paste this URL into your browser bar https://app.webpt.com/patientChart.php?ID=
  5. Then include the patient ID number from the Patient column on the Visits page at the end of the URL. So for the example above where our patient ID is 131, the complete URL should be https://app.webpt.com/patientChart.php?ID=131 then, press the Enter key to load the page.                                                                                   
  6. The patient’s record page displays. 

Updating Past Documentation

We upload data to Healthmonix one per week. Updates made in the EMR will not be immediately viewable in Healthmonix.

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