Reporting MIPS Measures in Documentation

WebPT offers MIPS Quality reporting, worth 85% of your weighted score, through our certified registry. That means we aggregate your data and automatically submit it directly to CMS. We also have incorporated MIPS fields within patient notes, allowing you to select and report measures as you document.

Have questions about MIPS? Head over to our FAQ page, where you can learn about scoring, improvement activities, reporting requirements, and more!

Provider Setup

  • If your organization is reporting as a group, move on to the next section.
  • If only specific users from your organization will be reporting, you’ll need to enable MIPS for each participating provider, click here for instructions.

MIPS in Documentation

MIPS fits seamlessly into your documentation. Based on therapist type, patient age, and diagnosis codes, the system will automatically include relevant quality measures throughout the documentation.


Once MIPS is enabled for a provider, an additional tab for MIPS appears in patient notes. This tab allows you to validate your measures upon completing your documentation. This ensures that you are reporting in alignment with Medicare’s expectations.


Throughout the note, you’ll see MIPS tags on specific tests that must be performed to satisfy a measure requirement.

Adding Measures

On the Objective tab of evaluative notes, you will have the option of adding relevant MIPS quality measures to your documentation. You can use the  Add All link to include each measure listed or select individuals measures by clicking the measure’s link.

Measures selected appear in the Objective tab and are denoted with a MIPS tag. To include a measure, toggle the radio button to Yes. 

Waiver Authorization

The provider will be asked to check the Waiver Authorization box at the top of the MIPS tab. This must be done once per provider per clinic. So if the provider treats at two clinics, they'll need to select the checkbox for the first patient where they document MIPS at both locations.

Available Measures

Each article below contains information on measure requirements and how to report this measure within the note.  

Measure Validation

WebPT will auto-fill reporting information for each measure you choose based on your documentation and the tests you perform. You will then validate these answers within the MIPS tab, as shown below. In this example, WebPT selected the first option for the measure based on the therapist’s completion of the measure requirements including test results and supporting documentation.

Below is another example of a measure within the MIPS tab. In this case, the therapist did not provide any supporting documentation related to the measure. The system will instruct you on how to satisfy the measure requirements if desired.

Forwarded Notes

Because assistant user types are not eligible to participate in MIPS, MIPS measure fields do not appear on the note when the assistant is documenting. When the assistant forwards the note to a Supervising Therapist that is required to document MIPS, the MIPS Measure fields become available. The Supervising Therapist must complete the eligible measures or select the options indicating failure to meet the measures to finalize the note. 

Error Alert

If you do not correctly document your MIPS information, a red error alert will appear within your note when you attempt to preview or finalize it, as shown in the example below. This alert shows which measures triggered the error and what corrections you need to make. You will not be able to finalize the note until you correct the error(s). This process ensures that you successfully document for MIPS and thus reduce the chance of receiving a payment reduction.

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