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Allowing Therapist Assistants to Finalize Notes (SOAP 1.0)

Therapist assistants can finalize notes in WebPT as long as all three related settings are turned on to allow this functionality. The user must have permission at the clinic, insurance, and user level. Let’s review how to turn on each permission.

Please reference the billing integrations section below to see how this may impact your billing partner subscription.

Note: All three permissions (user, insurance, and clinic) must be enabled for the assistant to finalize a note. 

Clinic Setting

To allow assistants to finalize soap notes, the clinic permission must be turned on. This permission defaults to ON for all clinics.

For more information on clinic settings, click here.

Insurance Setting

For an assistant to finalize documentation, they must have permission for each insurance they will be creating documentation for. Edit the insurance record and check Allow therapist assistance to finalize notessave.

User Setting

Select the  Finish Soap Notes permission.

A dialog box will pop up confirming the permission enablement. You must select  Yes, I understand for the permission to be added.

For more information on user permissions, click here.

When this functionality is used, the assistant's and supervising therapist’s initials will display on the patient chart (as it does now for the "forward note" functionality).

Billing Integrations

If you have a billing integration, allowing your assistants to finalize notes may impact your subscription. Please contact your billing software to determine whether you will need to add additional licenses for assistants who finalize documentation.


Anyone who finalizes notes in WebPT must be a Provider in Therabill, this includes assistants. Because Therabill charges per provider, you will need to purchase an additional provider license for each assistant that finalizes notes in WebPT. If you choose to allow an assistant to finalize notes in WebPT but do not add them as a provider in Therabill, any notes the assistant finalizes will not flow over in to Therabill.

For more information about adding providers in Therabill, check out this article.

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