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UB-04 Billing: Patient Setup

Set up each UB-04 patient case with admission type and source; then, select the patient status in the SOAP notes.

Setting the Admission Type and Admission Source in the Patient Case

Once you’ve applied UB-04 at the insurance level, you’ll need to enter the Admission Type and Admission Source for each eligible patient case. 

  1. Within the patient chart, click Patient Info.
  2. Locate the case, and click the edit icon to the right. For new patient cases, click Add Case.
  3. Using the dropdowns, select the Admission Type and Admission Source.
  4. Click Ok to close the window; click Save Patient to save the new information.

Using UB-04 Billing in SOAP Notes: Patient Status

Once UB-04 is applied at the insurance level, SOAP notes for that insurance will allow the therapist to select the patient status in the Subjective tab of the note. This field is mandatory.

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