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Outcomes Training Webinar

Join us as we explore Outcomes! We will discuss how to:

  • Work with outcomes within the documentation
  • Run patient and company outcome and patient perception reports
  • Manage Outcomes settings
  • Use helpful content and resources

Click on the links below for additional information covered in this webinar.

  • Outcomes Clinic Settings Maximize how your outcomes data is collected by requiring an outcome to be completed for each patient. You can also enable/disable satisfaction data collection here.
  • Adding the Outcome to the patient chart is done using one of the three methods for Patient Outcomes Intake: Kiosk Mode, Fill Out Now or Send to Patient. You'll also need to Merge Outcomes and select the appropriate Outcome Form for your patient. You can also easily Review the Patient's Completed Questionnaire.
  • Access to Outcomes Reports requires a Clinic or Company Admin permission. You can customize your reporting using the filters available for each report.  Note: These reports default to include all the data captured by the OMT during the past 90-days, use the filter tools to customize the report to your preference. 
  • Clinical Dashboard Report shows you a quick snapshot of patient satisfaction and goals achieved during treatment.
  • Clinical Outcomes Summary Report shows all administered OMTs and the average score. It also allows you to see individual therapist OMT breakdown.
  • Duration of Care Report shows the average number of visits each therapist has during the completion of care for their patient.
  • Dissatisfied Patients Report shows an overview of any patients who are Unsatisfied or Very Unsatisfied. 
  • Missing Discharges Report shows all the patients that will not appear in the Company Reports due to an incomplete record of care. You'll need to identify any patients who need a quick discharge or convert their last Follow up note to complete the outcome for their care.
  • Clinical Ranking Report requires a minimum of 25 complete data sets (Initial Evaluation plus Discharge or Progress Note if a Quick/Administrative Discharge was completed) and the ranking grade is based on the % MCID met.
  • National Clinical Outcomes Summary Report compares your company's performance against the national average for the risk-adjusted OMTs.
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