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My Missed Notes Report shows a Patient with a Finalized Note (Multiple Cases)

When you run a Missed Notes Report, it will list patients that do not have Daily Notes completed for a particular Date of Service. If you notice a patient listed on the report that does have a completed Daily Note for that Date of Service, there is an easy fix. This typically occurs because the patient has multiple cases and the appointment was accidentally made for the wrong case. Here's how to correct this:

  1. View the patient with the missing note, and verify there is a Daily Note for that Date of Service. In the example below, we see this patient has a Daily Note on May 24th under the Hip Case. 
  2. Now, view the Scheduler for that Date of Service (in this example, May 24th). Verify that the correct Case is scheduled. In our example below, the appointment is scheduled under the Knee Case, which is incorrect. Since the appointment is scheduled under the incorrect case, this patient will appear in the Missed Notes Report.
  3. In order to correct this, open the appointment and click Edit.  
  4. Next, use the What drop-down menu to select the correct case (Hip). 
  5. Once the appointment has been updated, the Missed Notes Report will no longer populate a missed note for that patient under that day.

What if the case is discharged? 

  1. You will need to reopen the case from the Patient Record Actions drop-down to set the Discharge Note to Pending. If you cannot reopen the case, please call WebPT Support.
  2. Follow the steps above to select the correct case from the appointment.
  3. Return to the case and select Discharge from the Patient Record Actions drop-down. 
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