Prescription Report

Monitor your patients’ prescriptions in the Prescription Report. This report allows you to track the prescriptions that are nearing expiration as well as those that have expired. You can locate the Prescription Report under Reports on the left-hand side of your screen.

Any patients documented in SOAP 2.0 will not appear on this report. Please use the Prescriptions report in Analytics. Click here for a list of all reports that don't include SOAP 2.0 data and the Analytics report you should use instead.

Generating the Prescription Report

Open the Prescription Report under Reports on the left-hand side of your screen.

Enter in report parameters—including time frame—then click Generate Report. For example, if you would like to see all patients with prescriptions expiring in the next two weeks, set the parameters to All Insurance, All Therapists, and 2 Weeks. 

Once you generate the report, you’ll notice a few helpful features. If you have uploaded an electronic copy (eDoc) of the prescription, you can view it by clicking View in the eDoc/On File column. Edit the existing prescription or upload a new prescription by selecting Update on the right-hand side of each patient listing and enter in the details in the Prescription popup. 

The report will recognize that an update has occurred and prompt you to re-generate the report.  The patient will no longer appear in the report or in the At a Glance section of the dashboard.

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