Lost Patient Log

With the WebPT Lost Patient Log, you can reconnect with patients who've canceled or missed appointments. The report generates a list of patients based on the number of days since their last Daily Note, which you can specify. The Lost Patient Log will help you find the patients that have canceled and have not come to the clinic for therapy in a while.

Any patients documented in SOAP 2.0 will not appear on this report. Please use the Patient Case Status report in Analytics. Click here for a list of all reports that don't include SOAP 2.0 data and the Analytics report you should use instead.

Use the following steps to view the Lost Patient Log:

  1. Click on the Lost Patient Log link, located under Reports.                                 
  2. Enter in your report parameters. Set the Beginning From date range if you want the Days Since Last Note field to start at a specific date. If you do not include a Beginning From date, the report will pull all data since you started using the EMR. If desired, you can further filter your data by Therapist. Click Generate Report to review lost patients. 
    Note: We recommend looking for patients without information in the Next Appt section, indicating that they have no appointments coming up. If you see patients on the list who have an appointment scheduled, you can ignore them as they may have gone on an extended vacation and have scheduled an appointment outside the Days Since Last note parameter.