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Lost Patient Log

With the WebPT Lost Patient Log, you can reconnect with patients who've canceled or missed appointments. The report generates a list of patients based on the number of days since their last Daily Note, which you can specify. The Lost Patient Log will help you find the patients that have canceled and have not come to the clinic for therapy in a while.

Any patients documented in SOAP 2.0 will not appear on this report. Please use the Patient Case Status report in Analytics. Click here for a list of all reports that don't include SOAP 2.0 data and the Analytics report you should use instead.

Use the following steps to view the Lost Patient Log:

  1. Click on Lost Patient Log in the Reports section of the WebPT Dashboard.                              
  2. Enter the parameters for the report. 
    1. Beginning From - The date entered here will be the beginning of the report's date range, and the date you run the report is the end of the date range. The report will look to see all patients who have had an appointment since the date entered, but have not had an appointment in the number of days specified in the Days Since Last Note field. 
    2. Days Since Last Note - The number entered in this field represents the number of days since the most recent note was finalized.
    3. Therapist - Choose to view the Lost Patient Log for all therapists or view the results for an individual therapist. 
  3. Click Generate Report.

Column Descriptions

Column Name Column Description
Patient Name The patient’s full name as it was entered on their chart
Insurance The insurance on the case in the patient’s chart
Primary Phone # The primary phone number listed on the patient’s chart.
Physician Name The referring physician that was entered on the case
Therapist The initials of the therapist assigned to the case
Last Note The patient’s most recent date of service
Next Appt The next appointment scheduled for the patient
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