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Ending Authorizations Report

Run the Ending Authorizations Report to find data on authorizations including beginning and end dates, whether the patient has another appointment scheduled, visits allowed and used, and if the authorization has expired.

Any patients documented in SOAP 2.0 will not appear on this report. Please use the Authorizations report in Analytics. Click here for a list of all reports that don't include SOAP 2.0 data and the Analytics report you should use instead.

Note: You may experience report performance issues particularly if you anticipate a high volume of policy expirations. This is especially true if you're entering placeholder authorizations for patient cases that expire at the end of the year. For better performance, consider using the Authorizations Analytics report.

To generate an Ending Authorizations report:

  1. Click Ending Authorizations in the Insurance Manager.                                                    
  2. Refine the search by insurance, therapist, time frame, expired status, or by the number of visits remaining.                               
  3. Click Generate Report. The report will display expired authorizations by visit count and date. 
  4. You can update the authorization directly from the report and do not have to navigate to the patient chart. Click on the Auth Mgr link in the Update column to open the Authorization Manager and edit the existing authorization or add a new authorization. Save the authorization.                                      
  5. The report will recognize that an update has occurred and prompt you to re-generate the report.  The patient will no longer appear in the report or in the At a Glance section of the dashboard. 

Note: If your new authorization is not updating once entered, verify the authorization was added to the correct insurance and that the dates of authorization do not overlap with the end date on the old authorization.

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