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Productivity Report

Track the number of patients seen and the note types completed by insurance, therapist, or overall. The Productivity Report compares the scheduled appointments to finalized notes and displays results for the entered report parameters. 

Suggestions for Clinics with Multiple Locations

  • Run the Productivity Report on a per clinic basis.
  • If you are viewing calendars from other clinics in your Scheduler, the report counts will include appointments from those calendars even if the checkbox next to the calendar name is not checked. To get a correct count for one clinic, remove the calendars from the other clinic from view using the My Calendar List tab.

Patients Seen Count 

  • The Patients Seen count is determined by the number of appointments on the therapist's calendar not marked as cancels or no-shows. Appointments will be counted even if the patient is not checked in.
  • For co-signed notes, the count goes to the therapist who finalized the note.
  • Quick Add appointments will not add to the Patients Seen count. Appointments are only counted if they are tied to a patient and case.  This way time blocks (such as meetings or lunch hours) are not counted in the Patients Seen column. 

Cancels and No Shows

  • Therapists must mark appointments Cancel/No-show from the appointment on the calendar for them to be counted by therapist on the report. Canceling from the calendar adds a Cancel/No-show note to the chart attributed to the case therapist.  
  • If a clerical user marks the appointment on the calendar or adds a Cancel/No-show note to the patient chart using the Patient Record Actions drop-down, the cancellation will not be counted for the assigned therapist in the report. If you run the report for All Therapists, you will get an accurate count of Cancel/No-shows. If you filter by therapist name and add up the Cancel/No-shows, the counts can be off.
  • A Cancel/No-show note added to a patient chart by a therapist will be counted even if there is no appointment scheduled for that date.

Any patients documented in SOAP 2.0 will not appear on this report. Please use the Notes by Clinic report in Analytics. Click here for a list of all reports that don't include SOAP 2.0 data and the Analytics report you should use instead.

View the Productivity Report

Note: This report pulls these counts based on the calendars each user has selected to view from their schedule. For this reason, you may encounter count discrepancies between different EMR users in your clinic when running the report. Click here, for more information on how to select calendars to view.

  1. Click Productivity Report in the Reports box.                                            
  2. Select Start and End Dates; you can select one insurance or all insurances and one therapist or all therapists.
  3. Click Generate Report.
  4. Scroll down for details on how the counts are tallied. The Discharges column includes both Quick and Full Discharges. Click Export to Excel to create a Microsoft Excel document from the report and click Generate PDF to create a PDF file from the report.

Report Shows 0 Patients Seen

If the calendar title does not match your therapist's name in the Full Name field of the User Profile, the system cannot connect the therapist to the calendar, and the report will show 0 patients seen.


Therapist name in User Profile: Andy Upton

Calendar Name: Andy

In this scenario, the link will not be made between the therapist's name and the Productivity Report. In the image below, you will notice the name on the calendar as Andy, and the report showing 0 patients seen.

By renaming the calendar to Andy Upton, it will match up with the name in the profile and display the correct number in the  Patients Seen column on the Productivity Report. The image below shows the correct calendar name and the correct data in the Patients Seen column.

To correct this, please review the article on how to rename a calendar.  Once completed, re-run the productivity report and filter by therapist. The Patients Seen column will reflect the correct numbers.

For therapists with multiple calendars, you can add a dash ( - ) at the end of the therapist's name to include the location names, and the count will be correct.

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